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Insect Net

hdpe agriculture insect net

                                                     hdpe agriculture insect net

  Description  and application of hdpe agriculture insect net

   100%virgin HDPE anti insect net/anti been net/anti aphid net/anti bug net
    Insect net is waved by 100% virgin high density polyethylene with UV inhibited, giving the net sun block, anti 
   aging, good ventilation and long use life for 5 years. Width1~6m is available, length is as your requirement, 
  weight is available from 35g to 180g. Netting prevents bees into or out of. It is good for pollination of flowers,
   fruits, vegetables.

   hdpe agriculture insect net, also known as plant and vegetables greenhouse net. Used for prevent the insect
   fly into the greenhouse during the plant growing, and cover the plants. Key off the approaches that the pests
  (adult insect) breeding. Effective control of the spread of all kinds of harmful pests spread, such as Cabbage
  caterpillar, diamondback moth, aphids, flea beetles, Sweet agnata, American leafminer, litura etc and prevent
  the harmful of virus spread. Significantly reduced the use of chemical pesticides, so that the planting vegetables
   good-quality and health.

  Specification of hdpe agriculture insect net with white color:

Hdpe insect net Material Mesh Mesh Size
Wire Dia
Width(m) length(m) uv color
 HDPE 80×50 0.21×0.41 0.10  50 2/4/5 100/200 as your order various
60×50 0.32×0.41 0.10  40
50×25 0.29×0.8 0.22 125
50×25 0.36×0.87 0.15 60
50×25 0.38×0.89 0.13 45
40×25 0.39×0.77 0.25 150
40×25 0.42×0.8 0.22 110
40×25 0.51×0.89 0.13 40
40×40 0.43×0.43 0.21 130
35×30 0.47×0.59 0.26 160
30×20 0.63×1.1 0.22 85
30×20 0.7×1.12 0.15 40

     Packaging and delivery of hdpe agriculture insect net:

     Packaging Details  :
Outside with plastis bags
     Delivery Detail :Shipped in 10 days after payment

   Our company information:
   We are specialized in insect netting.Since we have been in this line of business more than 10 years,
   we could surely offer you high quality insect net with reasonable price. We guarantee each product 
   will be checked.  If they are bad products, we will promptly pay compensation to customers without charge.


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Agricultural insect proof net hdpe anti insect net for tunnel farming