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Polyester filter bags for Baghouse Filter

                                                    Polyester filter bags for Baghouse Filter

   Descripiton of polyester filter bags for baghouse filter:

   Polyester needled filtration felt is made by polyester fiber and the fabric woven high-strength, low-elongation yarn.
   The Dacron fibers are needled noto the fabric by needled-punching machine.

    Polyester fiber has low absorption of humidity. The water regain rate under standard condition is 0.4-0.5%,while
   0.6-0.8% under the condition of relative humidity 100%. Therefore, the fiber will keep almost the same properties in
    both dry and wet conditions. Polyester filter bags shows good resistance for almost all the atmosphere under the
    room temperature. The strength of the polyester is high and the elastic recovery performance is good. The strength
    of it is 3.52-5.28CN/dtex, elongation at break is around 30-40%.The polyester has good size stability, high strength,
    high elongation and good elastic recovery performance. So that, the polyester fabrics  has good abrasion resistance.
   The glass transition point of polyester fiber is 80℃,melting point is 255℃~265℃. ployester filter bag starts to
   become soft at  230℃~240℃. Polyester fiber has very good application function under room temperature.
   polyester bag is the most reasonable filtration materials for the industry conditions with common temperature.

   Polyester has the advantages of high porosity, good permeability, good abrasion resistance and resistance to acid.
   The consumption amount of polyester is the biggest among the needled felt filtration material. It is widely used in
   the fields of metallurgical, chemical, building materials, metallurgy, power generation, ceramics, machinery, mining,
   petroleum,pharmaceutical, food, dye, mining etc. It is currently the most ideal filtration materials for the common
   temperature conditions.

   Advantage of polyester filter bags for baghouse filter:

    1)Our plant is located in Fushun city the cradle of Chinese filtration material ,almost all Chinese experts from here.
    So we have experience and technic advantage.

    2)We are the manufacturer, can assure the price ,quality and shipment.

    Specification of polyester filter bags for baghouse filter:

    Polyester filter bag of Weight(g/m2)


     filter bag of Thickness(mm)


    Air permeability(m3/ m2/min)


    Tension at break






   Elongation at break






    Working temperature












    Post treatment

Thread burning,surface smoothing or coating etc

    Application of polyester filter bags :

      1) The fume and smoke treatment and particle removing system in metallurgy plant, alloy plant, steel works,
          moulding factories, fire-retardant factories and power stations

     2) Fume filtration, tiny particle recycle and division of liquid and solid in aluminum electro analysis, tin, zinc,
          cooper and other rare metals

     3) Smoke filtration in garbage burning, coal-feed boiler and liquidized laid boilers
    4) Division of liquid, solid and tiny particle recycle in chemicals, coke, carbon, dyestuff, pharmacy and plastics
    5) Asphalt concrete mixture, cements, ceramics, building materials, lime and plaster
    6) Dust treatment, purification and collection in electronics, mining, foodstuff processing, flour and timber

      Packaging and delivery of polyester filter bags:

Packaging Details of polyester filter bags:With carton or box, fiter felt package with double plastic bag .
     Can be customized.

     Delivery Detail of polyester filter bags:According to the quantity non woven(ASAP)

     Our company service:

     1)Our experienced expert will help you choose the most appropriate filtration material right away! When you tell us
         your application field and working environment .

     2)If your filtration material or dust collector filter meet problem just tell us, our expert will help you solve it.If 
         our problem we will responsible.



polyester filter bags


polyeter filter bags

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